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KÁPOLNA is a creative co-space. A unique spot for private silence and secret noise. An exclusively designed venue for solo exhibitions and nanoevents such as workshops, showroom and boutique programs.



KÁPOLNA is a community. A meeting point for innovative and collaborative minds, who are helping each other by their personal impact and searching for new collaboration possibilities between economic, social, business and art initiatives.



KÁPOLNA is a carefully curated new media art collection of Hungarian and international sound, audio and light designers’ works which are temporary on view in the space and rentable for the members of the community.

KÁPOLNA means CHAP-EL ˈtʃæpəl / verb

to maneuver over the waves until the wind can be recovered on the original track

KÁPOLNA is located at Pasarét, in a particular green neighbourhood on the Buda side of Budapest. It’s founded by Réka Matheidesz creative entrepreneur and Tímea Tóth interior designer. The small building was once a real chapel, now it serves as a physical space for innovative facilities. As a small independent community place it is devoted to special creative services. Exhibitions and art events are curated in collaboration with Let it Be! art agency


KÁPOLNA logo was inspired by the original paper installation of Vicente Garcia Jimenez.

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1026 Budapest / Kelemen László utca 13., HUNGARY  |  +36 30 297 53 27 

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